Concrete work requires precise techniques and flawless skills to ensure that your structures are also flawless. Bähler stands out for its perfect mastery of the various processes and uses its know-how to offer you high-quality concrete forms and slabs.

Bähler knows the characteristics of the various concrete forms, slab types and materials to be used to obtain foundations and structures that will be a solid base for your constructions.

Good formwork must be done by experts like Bähler to achieve a well in place, uniform concrete that will reduce the risk of spalling, cracking or poor fit.


Does your concrete project require a special cut? With Bähler, there are no limits. We will create a customized formwork to meet your needs.


Do your existing foundations have infiltrations, minor or major breakage? We will make the necessary repairs so that you can once again benefit from an efficient, worry-free foundation.


Before starting the construction process, our team will offer you different quotes so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Afterwards, your project will be put in the hands of a building engineer, who will make sure to obtain the required construction specifications. The engineer will also develop budget and material plans that meet the standards and that you must approve before proceeding with the project. When the work is done, the building engineer will make sure that the work is done according to the construction specifications: respecting the budget, the deadlines, your ideas, your objectives and the building code standards.